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Start managing your environmental footprint with us

We monitor, reduce and communicate the environmental footprint of your business.
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How it works

Measure & Monitor

Create a digital twin of your company and monitor its ecological footprint in real-time.

Reduce & Compensate

Analyze your value creation chain, provide you with actionable insights for a carbon reduction plan, grow the efficiency of your business processes with our IoT partners and manage your offsetting campaign with trusted climate projects.

Communicate & Report

Improve your ESG reporting and communication with investors while creating net-zero contracts, carbon-neutral products and showcasing your impact.

About our software

Automated carbon footprint monitoring
Digital ecological twin of business or production process
Real-time analytics with interactive dashboards
Reduction insights analysis and imitation modeling
On-premise or cloud installation
Manual data input via forms, xlsx or csv files

Our products


Calculate, monitor, and reduce the environmental footprint of your business with our state-of-the-art proprietary plug-and-play solution.

Impact Plugin

Communicate environmental impact to your customers while reducing your ecological footprint in one click

Footprint Calculator

Awareness and engagement tool helping customers visualise their carbon footprint and provide recommendations for its reduction.


Create a tailored sustainability solution for your business with our expertise, software, and a network of offsetting and IoT partners.


Energy Management Systems
Cloud Providers


  • Ecom Compensation Platform
  • Footprint Calculator
  • Finance-based Monitoring
  • Insight Finder
  • Solutions Marketplace
  • Bespoke


Real-time Board
Sustainability Reports
Eco Strategies
Net-zero Contacts

Our methodology

Ecological footprint calculations are in compliance with internationally recognized standards.
Sustainable Development Goals Greenhouse Gas Protocol Science Based Targets

Why Offsetted

Expertise and guidance

We provide you with relevant expertise in fields of sustainability and environmental footprint management.

Full stack of sustainability solutions

We are a one-stop-shop solution that covers all the aspects of securing net-zero for your business development, accounting and communications.

Actionable insights

We help you achieve your climate related goals by providing you with practical recommendations on how to reduce the carbon footprint of every business process of your company.

Easy ESG-reporting

We automate reporting by analyzing and structuring your data, so you never have to work with costly consultants again.

Net-zero contracts

Create additional value for your customers by offering net-zero contracts, while simultaneously eliminating their scope 3 emissions.

Partner network

Our network of offsetting and IoT partners is ready to support your carbon footprint reduction plan.

Press about us

The analysis results show how large the CO2 emissions currently are and what reduction options are available. In addition, Offsetted suggests climate projects for CO2 offsetting. For online stores, the startup also offers a plugin that shows the footprint of products and offers to offset at the time of purchase.
Alexander Lazarenko
CEO Offsetted

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